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Top 10 Best Android Apps for May 2017!

In this post, we take a look  at the 10 Android apps, that you guys should  definitely try out.
The first app on this list is KeepVid 

KeepVid Android App

It’s a video downloader app, with a simple  user interface.  You can use this app to download videos from  youtube and a lot of other websites as well.  To download a video, just search for the video  that you want to download within this app,  and hit the download button on the bottom  right corner.  You can download the videos in the resolution  that you want and this app also gives you  the option to download just the audio associated  with the video file, which is a really good  feature to have.  You can download videos from any of the sites  shown here.  If you have the url of the video that you  want to download, just past it within this  app and start downloading the video directly.

2nd in today’s list is the wallpaper app  Backdrops

In this app, you also get a lot of high resolution  wallpapers to choose from, and it will also  recommend you with a wallpaper of the day.

You can favourite the wallpapers that you  like, and the next time you want to choose  from one of them, all you have to do is go  to the favourites tab, instead of scrolling  through heaps of wallpapers.  New wallpapers are added daily, so you wont  run out of options anytime soon.  If you opt for the Pro version, it doesn’t  show any ads, and other than just setting  the wallpapers, you can save them to your  device as well.

Next is Tholotis

I don’t know if this is  the right way to say it, but this app is actually  an extension to any wallpaper app that you  are using.  It will help you add a blur and dim effect  to your wallpapers, if that is something you  are interested in.  I usually like to blur my wallpapers a bit,  so that the icons pop out a bit and are easily  visible.  It makes them seem as if they are floating  closer to the screen and away from the wallpaper  itself.

You can either add this effect to your current  wallpaper or choose a different one from the  gallery.  Once you are done adjusting how you want the  wallpaper to look, just hit the right button,  and it saves a new image to your gallery and  also sets it as a wallpaper.

This next app is only going be useful for  someone who is using the Samsung Galaxy S8  or the S8 Plus.  It’s called BxActions.  You guessed it right, it is an app to remap  that Bixby button so it can perform multiple  actions.  You can remap the bixby button to do one thing  when the phone is locked, and perform another  action when it is unlocked, which i think  is very useful.  So the sole function of this app is to essentially  allows you to use the Bixby button as a fully  customisable one.

5th on the list is the first game for today,  and it’s called Chameleon Run.  It was free in the play store for a long time,  but Right now its a paid game.  Its a fast and exiting game.  You tap on the left side of the screen to  change the colour of your character and make  it land on the same coloured surface, and  tap on the right of the screen to make it  jump, while collecting marbles and avoiding  obsctracles.

Chameleon Run Android Game

The game gets really tough after a few levels  and you will definitely enjoy playing it.  I am not a huge fan of Samsung’s Touchwiz  UI, They have toned it down with the new user  interface on the S8, but I still like things  as close to stock android as possible, and  I also need a bit extra level of customisation.  So Nova launcher is my launcher of choice.  It is one of the first apps that I download  when I am using a phone that is not running  stock android.  The main reason why I keep on coming back  to Nova launcher is that its light, fast and  offers huge levels of customisation options  for you to really fine tune the settings until  they feel right.  It is compatible with just about any theme  or Icon Pack out there and now It also gives  you the long press gestures, which is something  I have started using a lot since I first used  it on the Pixel XL.

Next app is Cinema FV5.  This app can take your smartphone videos to  the next level.  It gives you manual controls over white balance,  focus, ISO and exposure.  It also give you features like having a live  onscreen histogram while taking videos.  You get to monitor the audio via headphones  while the video is being recorded, which is  something that not a lot of apps allow you  to do.  The interface is simple and laid out very  well, it even shows you the battery level  while you are using this app.

The free or lite version of the app only lets  you shoot in upto 720p, but the pro version  lets you shoot in the highest resolution that  your smartphone supports, and It also allows  you to choose the codec you want to record  in, frame rate of your choice and even the  bit rate of the video.  If you are serious about shooting videos with  your smartphone, Give this app a try.

The 2nd game in this list of apps is BLUK.  It is a minimalistic game with a simple objective.  All you have to do is make this block land  safely on the next tower, and see how far  you can go doing this.  This sounds simple enough, and for most part  it is, but sometimes it seems to get a bit  difficult and you don’t manage to get too  far ahead in the game.
My high score right now is 77, if you manage  to best that, tweet me a screenshot of your  highest score to get a virtual hi five.

BLUK Android Game

Next we have Texpand.  This app allows you to assign shortcuts to  the phrases that you type in regularly.  Some of my most used shortcuts are, dd for  mentioning todays date, chl to bring up my  channel link, hbd expands to Happy Birthday  and so on.  These are the shortcuts that I have added  to the app, which makes typing a bit easier  and convenient for me.  You can add in shortcuts for the phrases that  you are most likely to use and you can edit  them at any time.

The final app in today’s list is Realtime  Subscriber Count.  I you are a youtuber, then you might  always be looking at the number of subscribers  that your channel has got.  This app gives you a widget, so that you can  always have the updated subscriber count of  your channel right on your home screen.

Its a small, simple but very useful app for  creators like me.  Well these have been the 10 Android apps for  month of may.  I will be back next month with more great  app like these.  Let me know in the comments section, which  one of these apps did you enjoy the most.  Also if you have any app suggestions for the  next post, again let me know in the comments  section.

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