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what we do: support sobriety when the stakes are high

Monitoring, mentoring and managed accountability are the 3 parts of our program. We have helped elected officials, attorneys, doctors, and business leaders to create a brighter future free of substance abuse. What we do isn't right for everyone, but it may be right for you.

If you are sober but struggling--to feel good again, to find support, to prove that you're no longer a problem drinker--our tools can help you.

Northstar Guides was founded to provide comprehensive outpatient intervention and recovery support services to substance users who want to change. Our services have helped professionals, parents, children and colleagues to find their own paths in sobriety. We primarily serve licensed professionals, parents with child custody issues and people who have failed or declined the traditional 12-step-based fellowship programs.

Northstar Guides' services include recovery mentoring from certified coaches, intensive sobriety monitoring with data-driven tools, and courses for substance abusers to help them demonstrate their progress and build credibility.


You've stopped using, or want to. Are you wondering whether each day of sobriety is going to be a white-knuckle ride? It doesn't have to be. With preventive support, you can say goodbye to the cravings that drove you to drink...not just the drinking. One-on-one, tested exercises to help you make and follow your sobriety private, with a trained professional who's been there and knows the way out of the hole.

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monitoring & case management

Congratulations! You're clean. Now all you have to do is prove it--to a court, to your boss, to your family. We've got something for that. SoberLink is a handheld device that works with your cell phone to provide monitoring of your alcohol use. If you're ready to end the discussions about your past drinking problem, and move into your future without questions hanging over your head, consider monitoring to help you rebuild trust.

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If you're looking for support to maintain your sobriety, avoid a(nother)
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