what we do: support sobriety when the stakes are high

Recovery mentoring uses some of the features you're familiar with from counseling, but it is not therapy or psychiatry. We'll help you to understand your feelings and motivations as they connect to your substance use--because the solutions we offer are customized, and you set the goals.

It's important to understand how different recovery mentoring is from 12-step and a sponsor. The stated goal for everyone who goes to AA/NA is abstinence for life; the process is meetings (oh my lots of meetings), supported by a sponsor helping the addict follow the steps. This is different: Together, using tested tools and methods, we'll develop your goals and work toward them.

How does this work?

A recovery mentor offers you:

  • Support from a recovery coach--not an insurance-billed intervention that goes into your medical and employment records
  • Individualized exercises and practices, matched to your life--not a set of cliches that 'work if you work [them]'
  • A timeline for your progress, with a short-term (12 week) process as a standard--not a lifetime of meetings to rehash your past use
  • Privacy for your problem and true confidentiality as you find your solutions to living a full, rich life--free from drinking AND talking about drinking
  • Real-time, live accountability for your progress, at home: SoberLink lets you demonstrate to the world and yourself that you really ARE avoiding alcohol. Ask your mentor about this monitoring device!

The myth of 'rock bottom'

Many people think that you have to be laying in a gutter before you're open to change; if you're still doing okay, you're not going to take any help. We know otherwise: you have the power within you to change your habits to change your life, with the right support. We work with substance users who have something to lose. You deserve support to keep your family and your job. We provide evidence-based tactics and active monitoring to keep you on track in recovery.

Northstar Guides provides comprehensive outpatient intervention and recovery support services to substance users who want to change. Our programs work for adults who want to feel like themselves again, without leaving family and work responsibilities behind for weeks. Your treatment has to work for you, in your daily life, so that's where we deliver our services. Our services have helped people like you to find their own paths in sobriety--licensed professionals, parents with child custody issues and people who have failed or declined the traditional 12-step-based fellowship programs.

Northstar Guides' services include recovery mentoring from certified coaches, intensive sobriety monitoring with data-driven tools, and courses for substance abusers to help them demonstrate their progress and build credibility.

Let's explore where we can go together.

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