Welcome to the rest of your life.
What are your next steps?

If you're in the lucky 4% of problem drinkers
who can get sober & stay that way using 'the
steps', good for you! That may be all you need.
But for the other 96% of us, the science & practice
of addressing a drinking problem may be complex.

The good news is, recovery has come a long way since
the old days. Northstar's experienced, trained guides
can assist as you grow into your future, finding and
using the tactics that work best for you to make the
most of who you are.

There is life after day 30.

Stopping your drinking is only the start. Once your head is clear, you can set your sights on just about anything. 'Not drinking today' isn't a plan; it's not even much of a goal. It's a big beautiful world out there. Your sobriety mentor helps you find your compass and your path.

Your future matters

Are you a licensed professional who needs better--or just different--help, after a 12-step referral? You deserve professional support from a trained mentor who's been there. Our own experiences are a starting point, not the whole story of what we know about recovery. Many roads can lead to a healthy, balanced life.

What we do: help you to develop & support your sobriety

If you've read the bestselling 'Lose the Booze', you're familiar with the Northstar Guides approach to sobriety: Whole self connected--take a look! Our coaching philosophy is simple. You had reasons to drink; you found reasons to quit; you're not powerless, because you can choose to work your plan.

Recovery mentoring can supplement or organize your first months sober...or provide followup after you've been safely withdrawn--rehabilitated, but not yet rebuilt.

Rehab facilities offer people with substance problems a vacation from the substance. But when you return to your daily life, the problems will be waiting. Whether you got sober on your own following the 7 day plan in 'Lose the Booze', or accepted help in the form of inpatient treatment, the question is the same: What's next for you?

The answer, you've been told, is meetings. Continue to attend 12-step meetings, and see reminders of how bad things were when you were using. For many, this is unsatisfying, depressing or just plain destructive. If you're ready to stop affirming your former mistakes with the rote 'My name is ___', and figure out who you can be now--reciting your past bad choices isn't effective. That's where a sobriety mentor can help.

sobriety mentoring

You need to stop using. 'Cold-turkey' hasn't worked. One-on-one, tested exercises to help you make and follow your sobriety plan...in private, with a trained professional who's been there and knows the way out of the hole.

relapse prevention

Congratulations! You're clean. Are you wondering whether each day of sobriety is going to be a white-knuckle ride? It doesn't have to be. With preventive support, you can say goodbye to the cravings that drove you to drink...not just the drinking.

Ready to explore what's around the bend?

If you're looking for support to maintain your sobriety, avoid a(nother)
relapse, or simply assure your loved ones that you're committed to your
own growth beyond meetings, contact us to schedule a 15 minute call.
We'd like to talk about you.