Granny Mod IOS

Granny MOD IOS: a thrilling game to play

Granny is a game that would satisfy gamers from all over the world. This is a scary game and would ensure that the player skips a heat beat or so. There is a puzzle mode for the game and that when mixed with horror adds to its spice.

There is a mystery element that has been successfully incorporated into the game and when a player loses it, the destiny is in granny. The game has been developed on the IOS platform as well as in Android. This game enthralls the people who prefer something new in their games and suits people who like puzzles.

How the granny mod iOS open out?

The aim of the game is to ensure that the player feels frightened. It cannot be said that the plot is too thick or fancy. Now the player is a person who would be woken up in a house or premise that he or she does not know. The player would also understand that why he is woken up in that place is not known.
In real life, the person that gets trapped would be screaming at the top of their lungs and would be frantically trying to get out of the place. In this game, the aim is to ensure that the person who gets trapped stays calm.

The place is a bungalow that was supposed to be inhabited by a granny who is supposed to be blind but can detect movements using smell and hearing. The player should stay calm and should do things without creating noise in order to leave the house safely.

There are different layers to the game and player should ensure that they use all the available resources in that level judiciously.
Usually, as in every game, the first layer would be simple and would give the player enough confidence to successfully face the challenges.

Escape using brain

A player should not try to confront granny unless landed in a soup. They should try to hide from the reach of granny. One should stay calm to ensure that everything returns to normal before venturing out.

When discovered by Granny, players should not run away if they do not want to be brutally destroyed. You have to keep calm and take advantage of her blindness, hide in safe places like bed or cabinet and continue to observe the situation. After everything is normal, you can continue your work, but be careful.

The puzzles in this game are tricky and do not follow the conventional route. One should be able to use the brain in a slightly tweaked manner.
Wait for the sounds

The other big plus factor of this game is definitely the sound. The sound effects exactly compliment the mood of the game and that would ensure that people can get scary. There would be moments in which breathing can put you in trouble. During those times, one should stay calm.
There are moments when one can get startled and granny mod iOS game is not for weak people.

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