Fresh Start Course: Online Self-Help Now

Northstar Guides provides evidence-based, structured support for substance abusers who want to change their habits to change their lives. Sound like anyone you know?

Northstar Guides' Fresh Start course guides you through 15 units of study, helping you to understand your addictive behaviors and learn scientifically-tested tactics to develop healthier habits.

This is not a program that requires you to believe anything, attend any groups or follow any steps: We know that substance abuse is a habit that affects your brain and body. The skills you will learn in the Fresh Start course may spark emotional insights and personal growth, but the purpose is simply to improve your daily life with habits that serve you.

First, you'll complete an evaluation, answering questions about your own substance abuse as well as your general knowledge about the topic. Once you're enrolled, you download each study unit to your computer, complete it on your own schedule, and work at your own pace. At the end of your study, an assessment of what you've learned is provided, followed by a certificate of completion. You can document your knowledge for your family, your employer or even a court.

Fresh Start is a self-study course. If you need more hands-on support for your learning, you can add sessions with a Northstar Guides mentor or recovery monitoring, for a monthly fee.

Northstar Guides' Fresh Start offers

Northstar Guides was founded to provide comprehensive outpatient intervention and recovery support services to substance users who want to change. Our services have helped dozens of professionals, parents, children and colleagues to find their own paths in sobriety. We primarily serve licensed professionals, parents with child custody issues and people who have declined the traditional 12-step-based fellowship programs.

Northstar Guides' services include recovery mentoring from certified coaches, intensive sobriety monitoring with data-driven tools, and courses for substance abusers to help them demonstrate their progress and build credibility.

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