Northstar Guides: for people who are ready to change

Northstar Guides was founded to provide comprehensive outpatient intervention and recovery support services to substance users who want to change. Our services have helped professionals, parents, children and colleagues to find their own paths in sobriety.

We deliver individual outpatient substance abuse treatment. We primarily serve licensed professionals, parents with child custody issues and people who have failed or declined the traditional 12-step-based fellowship programs.

Northstar Guides provides recovery mentoring from certified coaches, intensive sobriety monitoring, relapse prevention training, and educational materials for substance abusers.

Let our clients tell you about working with us.

Sober coaching is still considered the "different approach" to treating alcohol problems. But support on my schedule, in private, worked for me to figure out what was happening right before I made yet another 'mistake'...and that's how I learned to quit for good.

John V

If, like me, you're the logical type, you need tested, fact-based guidance so that you can come to terms and "be real" with your issue. What I like about this approach is that it's based on science. I wouldn't drive my kids to school in a car built in 1935...why would I trust my future to advice from back then?

Rick M

IT manager
12-step didn't work for me. I didn't feel good about being told that I'm powerless--I'm more than my worst choices. Concrete action items to develop a plan to stay sober, with the confidentiality I need to maintain my career? That works.

Nancy P


"I've been to rehab. Now I'm home, but nothing's better."

That's no surprise. While you were away, you were prevented from drinking--maybe for the first time in years. And you woke up feeling great, right? But at home, whatever was triggering your problem drinking is just as you left it.

We believe that alcohol abuse is a symptom, and it's a choice. You're struggling to stay sober because you're in a habit, not because you're powerless.

We know, from studying the science and from our own lived experience, that you can change your habit, you can shift your relationship with alcohol, and you can live sober without endless meetings or cravings.

"Why should I try this instead of 12-step?"

Bluntly, the 12 steps didn't work for you. If they did, you would not be reading this--you'd be at a meeting, or seeing your sponsor, or doing your step work. For the 96% of problem drinkers who try AA and don't find it helpful, there are other approaches. Their advantages include true confidentiality, customized methods to address YOUR substance use, and tactics to actually enjoy your sober life.

Let's explore where we can go together.

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